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Search index Rules for completing fields Example of Search Report requisite How to fill in Comment
Number search Country code + number of a protection document are entered, several numbers may be entered via space bar EA 006494 B1 EA010649  
EA 200100123 A1 EA200100123  
WO 95 11674 A1 WO1995011674
WO 99/03196 A1 WO1999003196
DE 195 06 669 DE19506669
EP 071792 EP071792
JP, 8--30745 JP08030745
Fulltext search Key words from fulltext or the title or abstract are entered "cutting brittle transparent non-metal materials by a laser " "cutting +++++ laser"
[N-(4-carbonylimino-N-methyl-2-pyrrolecarbonyl "carbonylimino + pyrrolecarbonyl"
Key words from titles and abstract (claims) of a document
Key words from the title or abstract are entered acidic
vibration-transmitting vibration AND transmit*
application number
Country code is entered + application number or country code + number of priority application DE 19827679.6 DE19827679 For DE documents: dot and figures should not be entered
JP 4-183050 JP04183050*  
EA 199900047A1 EA199900047*  
KZ 960002.1 KZ960002*  
MD a 2002 0212 "MDA^2002^0212" Number is put in inverted commas
If it is necessary to search by application number only, parameter should be entered in the form: country code + application number\AN GB 85058956 A GB85058956*\AN  
If it is necessary to search by priority application number only , parameter should be entered in the form: country code +priority application number\PR GB 85058956 A GB85058*\PR For DB of the Russian Federation: if search is carried out by priority application number and country code is SU with year of priority date after it, searching parameter is placed in inverted commas and a space bar is entered after the year of priority. For example: "SU90^4859940"\pr
IPC indexes
If it is necessary add one or two ZERO to have three digits before the oblique stroke G11C17/12 G11C017/12*  
E21B7/28 E21B007/28*  
Denominations of applicants, patent owners and authors
If necessary to search by the name of the inventor (author) only Evans Evans\IN  
If necessary to search by denomination (name) of the patent owner Evans Evans\PA  
If necessary to search by denomination (name) of the applicant only KISHIMOTO KISHIMOTO\AP  
Publication date
Date should be entered in the following way - year (4 digits), month (2 digits), day (2 digits) YYYYMMDD (45) 28.02.2002 20020228  
all documens are published in february of 2001 201102*  
publication number
publication number is entered without country code DE 195 06 669 19506669  
GB 2 238 310 2238310  
WO 95 11674 9511674  
EP 071792 71792 Zero is not entered
DE 97/ 00135 9700135  
RU 02028896 C1 2028896 All zeroes in the beginning of the patent number are not entered
RU 02161390 C1 2161390
RU 795220 C 795220  
RU 851918 C 851918  
RU 525373 C 525373  
JP, 7--2688 7002688 It is necessary to add the number of zeros instead of a dash so that the number will have seven digits
JP, 4--49244 4049244
JP, 7--188059 7188059
JP, 63--32075 6332075
JP, 8--30745 8030745
US 6,009,062 6009062 Commas should not be entered
US RE35,312 35312 Letters and commas should not be entered
US PP8,901 8901
US T109,201 109201
PCT Application number + Publication number of PCT application (for EAPO DB only)
Country code is entered +application number. Application number is entered as in the search report. PCT abbreviation is not to be mentioned. PCT/US96/06730 US96/06730 Search by index WO is possible in EAPO database only.
PCT abbreviation is not to be mentioned.
PCT/EP96/02419 EP96/02419
PCT/MD/9600004 MD96/00004
WO97/11993 03.04.1997 WO97/11993
WO00/10596 02.03.2000 WO00/10596
WO98/02242 22.01.1998 WO98/02242